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Posted on January 11, 2015 at 6:40 PM

Pampering is something we all need from time to time, and one of the ways to do that (besides getting massage) is through add-ons. Here at West Maui Massage we offer some great choices to enhance your massage experience.

The most popular one is the organic cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is the main ingredient in chocolate, so just the smell alone makes you feel decadent, the feel is silky without being heavy, and organic cocoa butter is very nourishing for the skin. If you are feeling dry, sun ravaged or just need pampering, adding cocoa butter to your massage is awesome.

Our next popular treatment is the body scrub. We are so aware of our face, but tend to forget that our body need exfoliation also. Here at West Maui Massage, as an outcall business, we have access to your shower. Our most popular treatment is for you to put on a swimsuit, lay face down on our table with a bottom sheet on it, and we scrub your body from foot to shoulders with your choice of salt or sugar scrub, in a circular motion adding oil as needed going under your shorts or bathing suit bottom( to make sure your butt gets exfoliated as well). The you turn over and we exfoliate your feet, legs, tummy neck, arms and shoulders (avoiding private areas of course). We have your flip flops close so we can slip them on your feet and we send you to shower while we change to fresh sheets for your massage. Nothing feels better than baby soft smooth fresh skin, especially popular added to a couples massage.

Detox foot scrub. This is heaven for your feet. We start by using a salt scrub scented with essential oils and massage thoroughly into your feet. then we use lemongrass scented hot towels to wrap your feet, and after we remove the salt we massage peppermint oil into your feet leaving them soft, smooth and tingly. Give your feet some love.

Hot oil scalp treatment, is exactly what it says. We use organic coconut oil (extremely nourishing for your scalp and hair) lightly scented with pure lavender essential oil, massage thoroughly into the scalp, wrap with a hot towel, makes your head feel lighter and really good. (does leave oil in hair) easily removed by washing.


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